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Azure Developer Stories is a technical blogging contest created for professional developers. The goal of the initiative is to skill developers to learn new technologies on Microsoft Learn and write technical blogs with demos and code samples sharing their experiences while building on Azure. The stories will help other developers across the globe to scale in building solutions on Azure.

Blogs Submitted for Azure Developer Stories πŸ“šβœοΈ

  1. Abdur on β€œFace recognition as second factor authenticator with Keycloak and AzureML”
  2. Abhijit on β€œ10 Azure services that every .NET Developers, Consultant, and Architects should know and learn it well – Part II”
  3. Aditya on β€œMLOps: The Epoch of Productionizing ML Models”
  4. Aditya on β€œMLOps In Azure”
  5. Akhil on β€œYAML Build Pipelines in Azure DevOps”
  6. Akhil on β€œConfigure & Run Self-Hosted Azure DevOps Agent Behind Proxy”
  7. Akhil on β€œYAML Deploy Using Azure Pipelines”
  8. Akhil on β€œSetting Approvals Through Azure Pipelines Environment”
  9. Akshata on β€œAzure DevOps + MuleSoft”
  10. Akshata on β€œAzure DevOps Release”
  11. Akshata on β€œPublishing Web Application to Azure Web App from GitHub using GitHub Actions”
  12. Akshay Zade on β€œAzure: The Ultimate Website Host”
  13. Amin Ali on β€œAzure API Management SwaggerHub Integrations”
  14. Amit Malik on β€œCloudLabs Architecture & Infrastructure Deployments Automation: Technical Deep Dive”
  15. Anand Gothe on β€œExtract bill details from a picture using Azure Cognitive Service”
  16. Ankit Sharma on β€œHow To Create An Optical Character Reader Using Angular And Azure Computer Vision”
  17. Ankit Sharma on β€œGoing Serverless With Blazor”
  18. Anurag on β€œBeginners Guide for Azure CosmosDB”
  19. Anuraj on β€œBuilding COVID 19 FAQ ChatBot using Azure Cognitive Services and Azure Bot Framework”
  20. Anuraj on β€œImplementing a Twitter Bot using Azure Cognitive Services and Azure Functions”
  21. Aravind on β€œBuilding a Python Web Application with Elastic App Search”
  22. Arpita on β€œBuild ML Model Using Microsoft Azure”
  23. Ashish Raj on β€œAzure DevOps Pro”
  24. Debasis on β€œInsert Data Into Azure Table Storage Using ASP.NET Core Application”
  25. Dhruv Trehan on β€œCould Cognitive Services help in reducing Data Redundancy and result in faster processing of Big Data?”
  26. Gaurav on β€œConfigure Visual Studio Code for Azure and Terraform”
  27. Gaurav on β€œCreate alerts for long-running backups on Azure”
  28. Haimantika on β€œAzure Automated ML- the journey from Zero to AI Hero”
  29. Jahnavi on β€œExploratory Data Analysis – A Key Step in Machine Learning”
  30. Jayakumar on β€œUse Azure Functions to implement Site Design for SharePoint SubSites”
  31. Jayendran on β€œServerless Prediction of a Product Feedback”
  32. Jayesh on β€œMLOps with AML and Azure Devops”
  33. Liji Thomas on β€œA COVID-19 bot tale starring Azure Bot Service and Cognitive Services”
  34. Manoj on β€œBuilding a Serverless and Cognitive Services solution on Azure for COVID-19 data processing”
  35. Menaka on β€œDeploy .NET Core Application In Azure Kubernetes With Azure DevOps”
  36. Mitesh on β€œCreate a CI/CD Pipeline for Java +Spring MVC with the Azure App Services”
  37. Mithun on β€œCloudSkew Architecture”
  38. Monirul on β€œHow to build a healthcare platform in 10 days using Azure Cloud Service”
  39. Murughan on β€œDevOps & Blockchain to Elevate Organization”
  40. Mustafa on β€œHosting your resume on Microsoft Azure Code deployment on Github HTML-CSS Resume and CV”
  41. Nikhil on β€œDisaster Recovery in Sitecore Managed Cloud”
  42. Nikhil on β€œDisabling ARR’s Instance Affinity in Sitecore Azure Websites”
  43. Nikhilon β€œDeploying to Sitecore Managed Cloud”
  44. Nilesh Gule on β€œYoutube–Autoscaling containers with KEDA on AKS”
  45. Nilesh Gule on β€œIntegrate Azure Container Registry with AKS in 5 easy steps”
  46. Nishanth on β€œAzure Serverless Real-Time Application and Its Challenges”
  47. Nishu Goel on β€œAngular web app on Azure Static web apps”
  48. Piyush on β€œAzure DevOps 1O1”
  49. Prabhat on β€œMy first project on ML: SMS Classification using Azure”
  50. Praveen Raghuvanshi on β€œVirtual ML.Net: Introduction”
  51. Praveen Nair on β€œVirtual Queue Management System”
  52. Raghav Matta on β€œAutomated ML using Azure Machine Learning”
  53. Raghav Matta on β€œUsing Secrets API to Mount Azure Blob securely on Databricks File Storage”
  54. Raghav Matta on β€œGetting Started with Databricks on Azure”
  55. Rahul Rai on β€œUsing Startup Command to Pass Command Line Arguments to Azure App Service for Linux”
  56. Rakesh on β€œHow to Deploy an Asp.Net Core 3.1 Web API on Azure Kubernetes Cluster”
  57. Rakesh on β€œAzure Integration Services”
  58. Ritesh on β€œDeveloping a Serverless solution to detect people with masks”
  59. Riya on β€œBuilding your first ML model in Azure Databricks using PySpark”
  60. Rohan on β€œApplication Deployment with Azure Kubernetes Service and Azure Pipelines”
  61. Runcy on β€œKey security improvements and best practices for Kubernetes on Azure”
  62. Sagar on β€œAzure Devops : Pass Variables within/across different stages”
  63. Sagar on β€œConfigure Azure Multi-Factor Authentication settings”
  64. Sagar on β€œCI/CD on Azure Data bricks using Azure DevOps”
  65. Sagar on β€œCreate App Registration & Configure its permission scopes”
  66. Saif on β€œComplete Guide to setup LAMP Architecture Docker Image into Azure Kubernetes Services,with azure persistence disk attached”
  67. Sangam on β€œHow To Integrate with Visual Studio Code, Azure Cloud Instance and Docker Desktop”
  68. Sarathlal on β€œEasily Enable Azure AD Authentication In Angular And ASP.NET Core Web API App”
  69. Saravanan on β€œSmart Monitoring of Connected Assets Using Azure IoT”
  70. Seema on β€œWhat does β€œAzure DevOps” have for us?”
  71. Shiva on β€œSpam email reducer”
  72. Skrikant on β€œAnsible for Azure”
  73. Shubham on β€œHow to Upload Image to Azure Blob using Javascript”
  74. Suneet on β€œBuilding AI driven Multi-modal Feedback Systems using Azure Bot Services and RPA”
  75. Suthahar on β€œBuilding Bot Application with Azure AD Login Authentication using AuthBot”
  76. Vasundhara on β€œChef: kitchen-azurerm”
  77. Vipul on β€œUsing Serverless at scale to build a Party Parrot GIFs generator”
  78. Vishwas on β€œAzure in Industrial IoT”
  79. Vivek Raja on β€œBuilding End to End COVID-19 Forecast Model using Azure ML”
  80. Vivek Singh on β€œDeploying your Unity Game on Azure”

Microsoft Azure Learning Resources ☁️

Category: AI/ML

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